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We’ll create a cloud instance, hand you the (virtual) keys, and you can bring your code and data, and give it a test drive.

We’re confident that you’ll appreciate how much easier it is to deploy, manage and scale your ML in Spark in production with MCenter.

Note that this free trial of MCenter is only for Spark experimental tests with production workflows and we reserve the right to cancel your trial at any time.

What to expect with your MCenter trial

  • Your trial will be conducted on Azure
  • On Spark versions 2.1 and above
  • Bring your PySpark code
  • Bring your data (up to 512GB)
  • Manage your app in production!

and voila! you’re ready to go

Your trial consists of the following three steps:

  1. Upload your code/model, connect your data feed, and configure your “ML Application”
  2. Deploy your ML Application/models into “production” mode
  3. Enjoy your ML Production Lifecycle Management experience!
    • Visualize your applications’ “ML Health” statistics and diagnostics
    • Understand “ML Performance” metrics
    • See for yourself what “Production Model Governance” really means
    • Role based access – how do MLOps professionals and Data Scientists interact in the context of a live ML Application
    • and much much more!

We believe a successful trial will show you what it means to automate your code deployment and ML production model management upon your own ML Application and data.

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